Oh, this is funny!  Rick Santorum is apparently the only one still blissfully unaware that his political career is over, so he went to Penn State to do some good old fashioned bitchin’ and moanin’:

“I had Piers Morgan call me a bigot. Because I believe what the Catholic Church teaches with respect to homosexuality. I’m a bigot. So, now I’m a bigot, because I believe what the Bible teaches. Now, what 2000 years of teaching and moral theology is now bigoted. And, of course, we don’t elect bigots to office, we don’t give them professional licenses, we don’t give them preferential tax treatment! If you’re a preacher and you preach bigoted things, you think you’re going to be allow to have a 501(c)3 as a church? Of course not.”

Haha, no, Frothy, you’re a bigot because you believe bigoted things.  Don’t blame it on your pathetic interpretation of the Bible.  Also, your whiny fearmongering about churches losing their tax exempt status is annoying.

Anyway, then a student attempts to correct him, because he is either stupid or a liar, and he gets all huffy and bellyaches:

STUDENT: “It is extremely unfair for you to say that there are no social science reports that suggest that children are okay in a same-sex relationship. There are plenty of statistical studies that they are just as happy and successful and everything else as long as they have two parents.”

STUDENT: The American Psychological Association has enumerated – in 1974, that gay marriage does not prohibit (inaudible)…

SANTORUM:Yes but the American Psychological Association is made up of people who agree with the American Psychological Association, just like the AMA…all these associations prove is that they have a point of view and the people who join them agree with that point of view…That’s not evidence!”

Note to Frothy Mix:  in the future, you’d embarrass yourself and your children a lot less if you stayed away from institutions of higher learning.  And by “higher learning,” I mean “anywhere beyond Honors 9th grade English is probably a bad idea, due to your inability to keep up.”  I love how he flatly declares that the APA and AMA aren’t experts, because he doesn’t think they are.  This man, who I would not trust to walk my dog [Santorum is hard to wash out of fur], thinks he’s qualified to even discuss these things, let alone give an “expert opinion.”  Amazing what theocratic religious delusion does to people, isn’t it?

Make sure to watch all the way into the video, where the student says, “If you want to talk about being a lawyer, we need to talk about the Constitution, which you’ve clearly never read.”


Here’s the video.  The stupid starts at 0:00 and ends at the end of the video, but the pertinent parts start at 8:38.