I'm so excited!  I'm so...so...SCARED!I can only presume that Bam Bam is really upset about being passed over for the new season of Dancing With The Stars in favor of Chaz Bono, because he is full metal emo today about how much Christians are “persecuted” by mean old gays:

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it right now. The sexual anarchist lobby, this radical, militant lobby, wants three things in this order: they want to see those of us who hold traditional values and have a biblical view of sexual behavior and sexual morality; they want to see us behind bars. Absent that, if that doesn’t work, they want to see us discredited, our licenses, my law licenses revoked, unable to teach in schools and so forth. They want us completely discredited and marginalized to the fringes of society. Finally and included in that is the inability, they want to see people like us not able to make a living. And that’s why they’re going after these organizations and they’re using economic terrorism, for lack of a better phrase.

I’ll say it right now, in this order:

1. No, you twit, we don’t want you behind bars. Stop whining and be a man.
2. Discredited, yes. You, and by “you,” I mean the institutional Christian Right, are pretty much proven liars, and also you inject an inordinate amount of hate into the public discourse, and by “inordinate,” I mean, “an inordinate amount for a group whose numbers are going down faster than a Republican senator showing his butthole on Grindr.”
3. That’s right, we want to deny you the right to make a living. Give me one link from a gay organization that proves that scurrilous assertion, or even suggests that we want to deprive you the right to make a living, or shut up.

Good lord. It’s funny because one of their own [Bryan Fischer] suggested recriminalizing homosexuality yesterday, and we all know about that time Peter Sprigg suggested gays be “exported” from the United States. Oh, and the fact that these theocratic goons support laws that allow employers to fire people for being gay.

I don’t think these people would know the truth if it slapped them in their whining jowls.