Peter is engaging in some slapfight with Alvin McEwen over the firing, six years ago, of his longtime favorite boxer and overall studmuffin, Matt Barber, from Allstate Insurance.  Though I have no desire to get into the details of it — for one thing, it is boring, and for another, if Matt had been a valued or liked employee in the first place, I doubt they would have canned him over writing pig ignorant articles full of medieval bigotry on the weekends — I will respond to this one thing:

Alvin is a bitter fellow who — although purporting to factually correct alleged pro-family falsehoods — regularly dishes them out himself (go HERE to see him viciously slander me as “Porno Pete”).

God, what a whiner. Being called a silly name — a name he got [FROM US] due to his strange obsession with fetish sex, an obsession shared by few gays and lesbians, and his bizarre need to post pictures of fetish sex events on his supposedly family friendly blog — is “vicious slander” and a “falsehood”?  Grow a pair, dude. I mean, you’ve got a hate group to lead. I know that most wingnuts have absolutely absurd victim complexes, but you’d think they’d at least try to play the part.

One more thing. In Porno Pete’s defense of his shining knight in boxing gloves, he says this:

Matt immediately was called in on a Friday afternoon. Ironically, he was told that Allstate “celebrates diversity,” and that his (traditional) values did not reflect those of Allstate.

For what will surely not be the last time, as we are not dealing with intelligent people: “tolerance” and “diversity,” by their very definitions, do not include tolerance for rank bigotry.  Why?  Because the rank bigotry espoused by the Christian Right in the United States is, in preschool terms, the equivalent of a “poor” rating on the “plays well with others” section of the report card.  If they simply held their dumb*ss beliefs in private, without feeling the need to vomit them at the rest of the population all day long, every day, and if they didn’t feel the need to try to use their influence to make life worse for the rest of the population, then we would be dealing with something different.  Instead, they hurt people, they inject hate into the discourse, and innocent kids are dealt hands of depression and suicidal thoughts at their hands.

So, you know, Christian Right, please continue to whine about how you’re not being “tolerated.”  The more you talk, the more people turn their backs on you.  In that way, you do our jobs for us.