We talk about gays a lot, since we’re, you know, fighting for our rights and trying our damnedest to correct and counter amoral liars like Bryan Fischer.  But wow, Bryan talks about gays a lot!  You’d think a heterosexual man from Idaho wouldn’t be so obsessed with something that supposedly has so little to do with him.

Anyway, here he is suggesting that gay sex should be recriminalized.

RELATED: Since Bryan Fischer is a champion of the easily debunked lie [little he says has any relation to the truth — that’s why his group, the American Family Association is called a Hate Group] that gays were the major driving force behind the Third Reich and thus the Holocaust, Jonathan Zimmerman has an important piece out calling for the Republican presidential goats who have appeared on Fischer’s radio program, or who have ties to the American Family Assocation, to publicly repudiate Fischer’s pathetic, hateful nonsense. We understand that Bryan’s compelling need to smear and lie about gay people, day in, day out, could possibly be a symptom of some sort of psychological problem. We couldn’t speculate on what it might be, but we’re sure we would make fun of it if we knew. Regardless, Bryan Fischer is basically Fred Phelps without the sense of comedic timing, and grown-up candidates for the highest office in the land have no business associating with his kind.