Truth Wins Out readers run the gamut of religious belief and lack thereof. We know that, and we welcome that. But this piece of television right here, from Fox Business channel, may be the single most insane thing I have ever seen in the American news media. Really. The host brought David Silverman on, ostensibly to ask how atheists would prepare for Hurricane Irene.* Within seconds, the hosts decided to attack Silverman for being an atheist in the first place. This is truly epic. Watch it, and then I want to draw an obvious parallel.

Okay! Does this remind y’all of how some in the media have treated LGBT issues? Stubbornly clinging to stereotype while [insert gay spokesperson here] tries their damnedest to wade through the onslaught of BS in order to make a single salient point? Yeah. If it hadn’t been for the Fox Business logo so clearly emblazoned on the screen, I would have sworn this was from The Onion.

[h/t PZ]

*Simple answer: the usual buying of candles and nonperishable food items, all while sharpening our horns and talons and checking out which neighbors look the weakest, so we know where to start when the going gets rough.