Dominionist hate pastor Lou Engle is bringing one of his shouty wingnut rallies to the city of Detroit in November:

Lou Engle and Rick Joyner will be working together in September to promote The Call: Detroit, Engle’s prayer rally on November 11. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since both are closely involved in the New Apostolic Reformation, or the movement which believes that God is ordaining a new generation of prophets and apostles. Both have prophesied that America is turning into Nazi Germany and have claimed to know the reasons behind natural disasters, with Joyner calling Hurricane Katrina God’s judgment for homosexuality and Engle asserting that the Joplin, Missouri tornado was God’s punishment for legal abortion. Engle and Joyner, who leads MorningStar Ministries and The Oak Initiative, are also strong proponents of Seven Mountains Dominionism, which posits that fundamentalist Christians should take control over the seven most influential sectors of society: government, family, media, business, education, arts and entertainment, and the church.

Bleeeeengh. For a closer look at what sorts of things Lou Engle says when he doesn’t think the media is watching, check out my investigative report from last fall, “The Stealth Bombers Meeting.”

Oh, and here’s a long video of Lou talking about his Detroit rally, emotionally lying like the snake he is, for the benefit of the already brainwashed and easily led. He is SUCH a creep.

[h/t Pharyngula]