Despite the fact that he comes from a different faith tradition, Rabbi Yehuda Levin is essentially an Alabama redneck fundamentalist.  This is why the Religious Right likes him — he’s, unlike the great majority of American Jews, as big a bigot as they are.  I often wonder how he feels about the fact that they trot him out whenever they want to appear interfaith, even though they likely believe he’s going to burn in hell.

Of course, that’s neither here nor there.  Levin decided to open his mouth and emanate words about the “link between earthquakes and homosexuality,” and guess what?  Even though the epicenter of the other day’s earthquake was far closer to Matt Barber’s grundle than it was to DuPont Circle, it’s our fault again:

Hey moron:  earthquakes are caused by fault lines.  We’ve known this since the 1700’s, at the very latest.  Therefore your weird, infantile argument about “god” using earthquakes to punish people for homosexuality is pathetic and sad.  So stop talking, as you are embarrassing your ancestors.

The one bit of good news in this is that, unlike the situation with American fundamentalist Christians, virtually everyone knows that normal Jewish people would laugh their asses off at this man.  You moderate and liberal Christians have work to do, loves, to get your religion to the point where everybody knows that Tony Perkins doesn’t represent your faith.

[h/t Pam]