Um, so I missed this yesterday, and I’m mostly inclined to let it pass, but here’s Victoria Jackson, who is apparently on the radio now, interviewing an “ex-gay” couple named Edward and Jessica. Apparently they met at an Exodus convention and they prayed the gay away together and I’m quite sure they have lots of sex, together.

You see, Edward became gay because his dad is a mean Cuban and Edward likes the performing arts. Jessica became a lesbian because her parents got divorced. Indeed, every time I go to a gay bar, the first question I ask is “Are you a Cuban or are your parents divorced?” It’s always one of those things.

If you listen long enough, you’ll get to hear Victoria recite a bible verse and then explain why she pictures herself in a harness with Jesus after she hears that verse.

Oh, and I really like the part where Edward says he is still “tempted by same sex attraction” [translation: “is into dudes”], but that he’s MORE tempted by chocolate cake. How very Blanche Devereaux. Anyway, enjoy!

[h/t Towleroad]