Chadly_Sweater_Inqueery02As many of you know, I’m not a big fan of so-called “ex-gay” Chad Thompson. I think he’s an aging creep who dresses up like a teenager to appeal to youth and “twinks” with his deceptively destructive message. His schtick is just alarming, eyebrow raising, and weird.

Thompson was forced this week to apologize to his small flock after he wrote an article laced with anti-gay invective titled God’s Light or Lady Gaga’s?

Personally, I think Gaga is much more in tune with God than Thompson, who has this cloying habit of hating LGBT people while pretending that he actually loves them. Anyone who has read his writings knows that he has great disdain for all LGBT people, particularly himself.

Anyway, his anti-gay jeremiad was so nasty that it caused many people to flee his e-mail list. Did the LGBT dupes and suckers who call him a “friend” really believe that Thompson, author of Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would, truly cared for them? Some people are so gullible that they will believe anything.

Here is the apology letter that Thompson sent his e-flock:

Many of the folks who receive my email newsletter felt misrepresented, stereotyped, and alienated upon reading my most recent article “Gods’ Light or Gagas” (which has been deleted from the web site and replaced with this letter). Those of you writers out there know that, often times, you have something on your heart to share but the words you use do not effectively communicate what you were trying to say. In fact, in some cases choosing the wrong words may even cause you to communicate exactly the opposite of what you had intended to say! That was the case with this article.

The truth is, I published this article on my web site without giving it a proper edit, or thoroughly combing through it to take out all the things that were “accidentally offensive”. The things I wrote were not the things I meant. For starters, I made the statement: “Try to have a conversation with anyone of the homosexual persuasion about the morality of such behavior and you will instantly be shut down with the mantra ‘I was born this way’.” This is a broad generalization about an entire group of people, and I talk over and over again in my book about the importance of not stereotyping or generalizing LGBT folks. Certainly not all LGBT individuals believe they were born that way.

Additionally, some felt that the article equated all same-gender unions with animalistic sex in a way that suggested LGBT relationships do not consist of emotional connection, but are only in it for the act of sex. In fact, I was not trying to suggest that at all; rather I was trying to point out that the SONG “Born This Way” seems to suggest that.

One friend indicated that my article also suggests that every single gay person agrees with Lady Gaga’s beliefs about morality, which could be looked at like saying every straight person believes and behaves as Hugh Heffner believes and behaves.

Another good friend wrote: “This is just such a departure from the content, spirit, and tone of your book…it just left me scratching my head…”

Indeed, the article was full of poorly phrased paragraphs and concepts taken far beyond the context of what is truly in my heart towards those who struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions as well as those who have embraced the gay identity; both are my friends and both deserve an apology for having to read this article.

For those of you who unsubscribed from my list because of this article, you are still unsubscribed. This will be the last communication you receive from me (unless you choose to re-sign up).

All the best,

Chad Thompson

Too bad he took down the original letter. It must have been a doozie. Attention self-loathing homosexuals: Now that the mask is off, do you still think this creep “loves” you?