Veteran interviewer Jim Ver Steeg started with a simple idea: To bring listeners a big, gay world one phone call at a time. It wasn’t long before Gay Sunday Brunch, formerly known as Gay Street Beat, was born. This week, they interviewed me and author Dr. Jallen Rix:

Maybe we should thank Michele Bachmann. Not for her hateful intolerance, or rage against LGBT equality, but for bringing the misguided notion of “ex-gay” therapy to the national stage.

We’re honored this week to talk with two great guests who are fighting back against the “ex-gay” myth. Wayne Besen is the founding executive director of an organization called Truth Wins Out. It was his group that exposed the “ex-gay” therapy practices of Marcus Bachmann’s counseling center, even after vehemently denying his counselors promoted such therapy.

From Wayne, we turn to Dr. Jallen Rix. Dr. Rix is a sexologist from California, but more importantly, he is a survivor of “ex-gay” therapy and is the author of the book, “Ex-Gay No Way: Survival and Recovery from Religious Abuse.” His story of how he came out on the other side is not to be missed.

Of course, the guys have their share of fun too. Jim’s good friend Jason Roberts joins him as guest co-host, and of course, Dan (Mother) McCarty is on hand to share some insights and fun.

Listen to show here.