mouthholeHey Linda Harvey, what’s your mouthhole emanating today?

Right wing and Christian activist Linda Harvey announced on her radio show that the best way to stop the spread of HIV is to close down gay bars.

Harvey, who is a regular columnist for World Net Daily and hosts a local show in Columbus, Ohio, showed no signs of accepting any sort of same-sex interaction.

“So what could we do to make a serious dent in the HIV and syphilis disease track?” she asked. “One obvious approach is to stop promoting homosexual behavior to kids and falsely calling it an identity like race. We could also close down homosexual bars and bathhouses, that would be a start. God never created people to engage in these unnatural acts. “

That’s real American of you, Linda. Instead of suggesting that adults should be able to choose who they have consensual sex with, and encouraging people to have safe sex and get tested and all of those grown-up solutions, the theocratic moron thinks we should close gay bars.

I have a better idea. If Linda is so concerned about the health and well being of gay people, she should be very concerned about the fact that many gay kids don’t make it to adulthood because they take their own lives, due to the bigoted messages they receive from fundamentalist churches and religious organizations like Mission America.

Maybe we should close those.

Oh, am I infringing on your religious freedom?!?! Go off and whine like a victim about it now.