It’s the weekend, almost, and I’m cutting out a bit early, because I’m off to a weekend-long wedding for one of my lifelong best friends, and I’m in the wedding party, so…

Music! I’ve been listening to a lot of Gershwin this week. Gershwin and Aaron Copland. I happened to stumble across this recording of the Polish concert pianist Krystian Zimerman playing Gershwin’s three Preludes, which are probably among my all time favorite pieces to play, and I’ve listened to it ten or twelve times at this point, as I’m thrilled to find a pianist who really seems to enjoy playing Gershwin, rather than viewing it at some academic exercise.  In short, Zimerman gets it.  I’m actually playing the second prelude in the wedding this weekend — this is the only kind of wedding I’ll provide music for: A. it’s a close friend and B. there will be absolutely no “Here Comes The Bride” crap — so since these are on my mind, I figure I’ll start the Random Ten with the Gershwin Preludes this week.

Trivia on Krystian Zimerman:  as I said before, he’s Polish, and he’s among the best known concert pianists in the world.  Just after 9/11, he traveled to New York to play a show at Carnegie Hall, only to have his Steinway concert grand piano confiscated by the U.S. authorities, who claimed the glue used in the piano “smelled like explosives.”  Yeeeeeeeah.  So they took his piano and destroyed it. So we can thank the Bush administration’s terror policies for protecting us from [god forbid, in a Republican world] fine art and music.  Culture Wars, indeed.  So, the Preludes, then we hit shuffle on the old iTunes, post the first ten songs, listen to some music, and then I’m off to the wedding.  Have a good weekend everybody!  More videos after the jump…

1. Janet Jackson – “Feels So Right”
2. Sarah Brightman – “Deliver Me”
3. Carly Simon – “Coming Around Again”
4. The Great Divide – “Out Of Love”
5. The Dust Brothers – “Corporate World”
6. Beastie Boys – “Remote Control”
7. Dispatch – “Flying Horses”
8. Keb’ Mo’ – “God Trying To Get Your Attention”
9. Widespread Panic – “Party At Your Mama’s House”
10. 311 – “From Chaos”

Ouch, this Random Ten decided to reveal some of my, um, guilty pleasures. I grew up in the South during the height of Jam Bands, you guys, shut up. Also, I hate Sarah Brightman, but that song is okay.