sarah-palin1I know there are few pundits who agree with me when I say that Sarah Palin will likely get the GOP nomination for President of the United States. It is clear that the GOP electorate wants a Sarah Palin type for the nomination and no one plays the part of Sarah Palin better than Sarah Palin (except for Tina Fey, and I’m guessing she is a Democrat).

Michele Bachmann is a dizzy pretender and can’t even answer basic questions about her stance on LGBT issues. Rick Perry is too much like Bush and wrongly believes that the most conservative parts of Texas represent the nation as a whole. Plus, Perry’s biggest strength — job creation — is really his biggest weakness. He portrays himself as the King of Jobs, but he’s really just the creator of jobs at Burger King. Many of the jobs he “created” are at fast food joints and the workers have no health insurance. Promoting drive-thru jobs as a way to end the recession will play like a drive-by shooting on his campaign. The other jobs created in Texas are in the oil industry. Unless oil is discovered in the other states, Perry’s job creation record is irrelevant. Perry’s first trip to New Hampshire was a dud, as thinking New England Republicans were surprised to hear that he thinks global warming is a hoax. Maybe Perry is unaware of the drought in Texas. Wait, he is keenly aware of it and tried to pray the drought away.

Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain etc. are all washed up clowns that I could probably beat if I entered the contest.

I think Sarah Palin is waiting for Rick Perry to fizzle out — much like Fred Thompson. Once this happens in the next few weeks, Palin will triumphantly enter the race and suck all the air out of the room. Her pizazz will allow her to raise all the money she needs on the Internet — and render Bachmann second fiddle. The GOP nomination will come down to Palin vs. Romney and the only way Romney wins is to go for an evangelical VP like Perry or Bachmann. However, in picking one of these nuts, he will lose the general election.

I’d love to hear our reader’s thoughts on Palin.