Instead, Christine O’Donnell just got all waaaaaah, because CNN host Piers Morgan asked her regular questions about her stated, bigoted beliefs.  In GOP-land, these are called “gotcha questions.”  Then she got up and stormed away, on her feet, instead of on a broom:

My favorite part is a little over halfway through when Christine gets all pissy and suggests that she should be able to set the agenda for discussion on the show, even though her appearance likely only happened because some teevee producer obviously was scraping the bottom of the barrel and was so incredibly kind as to invite her on, to talk.  Uh, no, nitwit, the host and the producers set the agenda.

You’ll notice that at the end of the video, there is an ad for Lite Brites.  Christine O’Donnell would have a hard time with those too, even there are no rules to Lite Brite besides “make lights.”

[h/t Jeremy]