This is, um, “Pastor Kellan Criswell,” and he is talking in this long winded video about whether gay people can be Christians, or whether Christians who don’t hate gay people are “bad Christians.”  In it, he uses every Christian euphemism available to replace the inner sentiment, “God Hates Fags,” including the number one hit “God loves homosexual people, but!”

Anyway, about two minutes in, he explains how he used to support gay rights, but when he was twenty years old, something traumatic in his life happened which caused him to “meet the Lord,” (or something…I’m skimming with my ears), and ALSO caused him to renounce veganism.  Got it?  Start hating gays + eat some meat = SAVED!

Just after that, he agrees with the bible verse forbidding having sex with a woman who’s having her period and makes an “icky!” face and says it’s gross to do that.  This is all his lead up to Leviticus 18:22, which no one has ever heard before.  Certainly no scholars (who tend to be smarter than the average fundie) have ever analyzed this verse and found that it’s not as simple as it appears to uneducated bigots!

Fast forward through the rest:  gay people can’t be Christians.  This is an asinine statement, but it’s something that fundamentalists say a lot, to make them feel better about their fears about the reality of the world around them.  We all know that there are lots and lots and lots of gay Christians.  LOTS.

Anyway, the last thing I notice about this video, because I had to turn it off, due to the fact that I remembered that I was listening to Jimi Hendrix a little while ago and had that paused, is that dude is sitting in front of a bunch of lockers.  Ew.  Creepy to think people like that could be broadcasting from schools.

Watch it if you’re totally bored.

Notice the tattoo? Yeah, that has about the same level of condemnation for fundamentalist snakes as it does for “homoseckshul relashuns.”

[h/t Jeremy]