Some people say that the United States of America doesn’t make anything worthy of exporting to other nations, and this video won’t disabuse them of that notion, not one bit.  Some wingnut called “Rebecca Hagelin” decided to go to Australia to lend a hand in making sure gays remain second class citizens in that nation, and during her talk, she said some truly stupid things linking homosexuality and pedophilia.  Only the dumbest of all humans could possibly be swayed by an argument like this:

No, seriously. Only the dumbest of all humans. The question, as always, is this: is the wingnut saying these things truly stupid, or is she just a fearmongering liar? Stupid or evil? Stupid or evil? Only she knows her own heart.

FYI, I had to look her up, because she must be a really minor player in the professional bigot industry, but apparently Rebecca is with Heritage and also writes for Clown Hall. Unsurprising.