Or at least that’s what this breathless OneNewsNow article about Brian Camenker of the hate organization known as MassResistance seems to imply.

Well aware that the general public has proverbially told people like Camenker exactly where they can stick their mindless bigotry, and that they indeed support programs to curtail bullying of kids, even gay ones, the Religious Right has been trying with all their might lately to ascribe sinister motives to Dan’s It Gets Better project.  It mostly sounds like the dying gasps of anti-gay bigotry’s foothold on society:

Brian Camenker of MassResistance, an organization that promotes conservative values, says Dan Savage started the “It Gets Better Project” under the guise of suicide prevention for homosexual teens. In reality, he says Savage’s aim is to encourage kids to embrace their homosexuality.

Well, the gay ones, at least. Yeah, the message sort of is “you’re okay, you’re going to make it, and if you live somehow under the unfortunate rule of a yahoo bigot like Brian Camenker, please understand that his life’s work is a waste of time and a sham, and indeed, it does get better.” No newsflash there, dillweed.

“The homosexual movement discovered in the early 1990s that they could use this tactic of claiming safety or anti-bullying or anti-suicide to do anything,” Camenker notes.

Well, not anything.  The “homosexual movement” mostly uses the tactics of child safety, anti-bullying and anti-suicide to keep kids safe, and to try our damnedest to prevent bullying and teen suicide.  Even for gay kids.  Still no newsflashes.

“They’ll scream and holler that if you don’t let them into the schools to give their program, then you favor kids killing themselves.”

Holler“?  Brian, you live in Massachusetts and you’re Jewish.  Stop it.

Aside from that, there really is no middle ground here, because there’s no real debate left to be had.  No grown-up medical or mental health association supports the idea that homosexuality is anything but a perfectly normal part of the spectrum of human sexuality, therefore there is no reason to take the Religious Right tactic of bullying gay kids with lies and spiritual abuse in order to vainly attempt to change that which is inherent to one’s being.  So really, when bigots like Brian oppose “homoseckshul indoctrination in skools,” really what they’re saying is that they want all the kids protected and safe…except the gay ones.  The Religious Right wants to be free to abuse the hell out of those kids, because, like most abusers, they believe they have the kids’ best interests at heart.  The grown-ups disagree.

But instead of protecting children, he thinks Savage wants kids to have more access to homosexual organizations and to “gay” adults.

Well, if only so they can see that, again, if their parents are twerpy, hate-filled yokels like Brian Camenker, they have access to the reality that their parents are lying, misinformed or brainwashed. Regardless, we’d like those kids to stay alive and unscathed by the inhuman abuse that Religious Right teaching on these issues encourages.  Holler ’bout it all you want, but if you’ll pardon us, we’re busy.