Really, it is:

On ABC’s “This Week,” Mrs. Bachmann was asked about a statement she made in 2006 that being gay was the equivalent of ”personal bondage, personal despair, and personal enslavement.”

Mrs. Bachmann declined to say whether she still believed those words, saying only that “I am not running to be any person’s judge. And I give — I ascribe dignity and honor to all people, no matter who they are. And that’s how I view people.”

On “Meet the Press,” she gave a similar answer to the same question.

“I don’t judge them. I don’t judge them,” she told host David Gregory. “I’m running for the presidency of the United States.”

Uh, Michele, nobody is asking if you personally “judge” gay people, because we know that you do. And we’re well aware that you subscribe to the Christian equivalent of Islamist law, you know, the kind that teaches that dominionist Fundamentalist Christians are the only true and valid leaders, and that you have a responsibility to mold society, at a governmental level, to bring them in line with your screwed up religious beliefs. That is what people are asking you about, and the fact that you won’t answer is telling, as it reveals that you, on some level, understand that your views on these subjects are not socially acceptable to normal American voters, who deserve to know if a presidential candidate is trying to backdoor the citizenry into accepting a right wing Christian theocracy.

Of course, it’s a mark of distinct progress that a woman who holds such views is being subjected to this sort of scrutiny.  That tipping point we’ve all been talking about has surely been reached.

Here’s some video of her running away from questions about her bigotry on Meet the Press:

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Ugh, she is just AWFUL.