NOM is always mad about activist judges and activist legislatures and activist houseplants and whatever else.  Now let them start grunting about activist voters, as a new poll out of New York shows that NOM’s desire to rewrite discrimination into that state’s laws has a fairly fat chance of actually happening:

– 55 percent of registered voters support the legalization of same-sex marriage.
– 63 percent of registered voters oppose overturning the new marriage equality law.
– 44 percent of registered voters (a plurality) say they are more likely to vote for a state senator who voted to pass the same-sex marriage law.
– 70 percent of New Yorkers would attend a same-sex wedding if invited, including 34 percent of those who oppose the law.

Maggie ‘n’ Brian: get jobs.

Meanwhile, wingnut dominionist pastor David Barton has an idea’r about how to “punish” the New York GOP senators who voted for marriage equality:

“No disrespect to our Native American friends, but this is where you hang a bloody scalp over the gallery rail. You hang these four Republican scalps over the Senate rail and every other Republican senator looks up and sees those scalps and says, ‘my gosh, I’ll be hanging up there beside them if I don’t stay with this pro-family stuff.’ And that’s exactly what has to happen.”

Uh yeah, David, great idea, considering the fact that those other Republicans will be looking up at that rail and seeing those scalps (NO OFFENSE OUR NATIVE AMERICAN FRIENDS!) and face a real hard choice: cater to the whims of the rapidly dwindling minority of New Yorkers who are unreconstructed bigots, or be normal. Tough decision.

[h/t Think Progress & Towleroad]