As I said the other day, in reference to Ann Coulter joining GOProud’s advisory board, nothing about it is surprising.  I’ve never thought that she believes anything she says, but rather knows that wingnuts will lap her incendiary bigotry and ignorance up like feral cats.

Exhibit A:  The brain trust at the American Family Association, who are oh-so-confused by this move and questioning Ann Coulter’s commitment to the Evangelical Christian lifestyle:


Kyle has the transcript:

Vitagliano: Ann Coulter is hard to read but if you’re a Christian, I think you should take more care to tailor your commitments in things like this to your Christian views. I don’t know whether she just hasn’t thought this through or what, but this is kind of disappointing to me.

This is not an issue, I don’t think, that you clown around with. This is a very serious issue. I know she likes to laugh, she likes to have fun with her politics, but this is not an issue that you clown around with. It has serious real-world repercussions.

Jackson: I think it begs the questions then Buster: how must Ann Coulter feel about the authority of Scripture? How can you join a group like this and allowed to be called the honorary chair and gay icon of the group and still feel comfortable calling yourself an evangelical Christian? There’s a gap there in the reasoning.

Wilson: I don’t know. It raises a huge red flag for me. The Bible has got to be the standard and it’s not.

Oh my god.