Graphic by the Lovely Benjamin Frisch!I forgot to blurb this here yesterday, but if you’re a newer reader, you may not know that I occasionally, when I remember that I have a log-in over there, write for the political humor/war-blogging site Wonkette, and I put up a piece yesterday afternoon, which may be the beginning of a new thing I’m doing called Wednesdays with Wonkette! If I remember to do it!

It’s all about Rick Santorum and his use of metaphor, because I was kinda obsessed with him yesterday:

Hello, everyone, it’s your Reporter of the Homosexuals, risen from the ashes like the phoenix once again, here to bring you glad tidings of icky gayness and Rick Santorum. It’s getting hard out there for a bigot, it is, as pretty much every euphemistic argument they’ve come up with in order to avoid clutching their pearls, screaming “God Hates Fags!” and retiring to their secret leathersex dungeons in frustration has been summarily pointed at, laughed at and peed on by reason, common sense and, increasingly, the American judicial system.

Go read it all!