It is difficult to believe, but Exodus International is still pouting and hung up on losing its iPhone App.

Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back in March, Truth Wins Out launched a petition calling on Apple to dump the hateful “ex-gay” iPhone app. After we collected 160,000 signatures, Apple agreed that the Exodus app must go.

Amazingly, it is now August and the lead story on Exodus’ sluggish website is, “Debunking Myths about Exodus and Their iPhone Application.”

Talk about sore losers! You lost, move on and get over it already.

P.S. I wonder how former Exodus VP Randy Thomas’ exciting new art career is going? I’ve checked with my old buddies on the Orlando art scene and no one has heard of Thomas. So, it appears that he isn’t making much of a splash. Maybe he is photographing gay art-house homoerotica like Mike Ensley?