Earlier today John mentioned that GOProud announced their appointment of Ann Coulter to their advisory board.

There are obviously so many jokes that can and will be made about this, but here’s what I think:

I have long suspected, based on what I’ve read and heard about her, that Ann Coulter hardly believes a word she says or writes, but rather has found a niche where she can exploit the bigotry and bitterness of wingnut shut-ins in order to pad her bank account.  It’s a schtick, a business strategy.  As Kathy Griffin memorably noted one morning when they were both booked on the Today Show and Ann showed up that morning in what looked like last night’s little black cocktail dress, she looked like she had come directly from the club.

GOProud is a motley crew of bitter, mostly white, male, allegedly homosexual men who value their white male privilege and their tax cuts far more than they value anything resembling principles.  They’re willing to advocate against the equality of their fellow LGBT people because, you see, they don’t see the rest of the gay community as their “fellow” anything.  Like other country club wingnuts, they’ve got theirs and screw the rest of you.

So let’s see:  devoid of principles?  Check.  Willing to throw whomever and whatever in front of a bus to protect their own paychecks?  Check.

Oh, and Chris and Ann look like they just might share a plastic surgeon.

Match. Made. In. Heaven.