fredkarger_logoOpenly gay GOP candidate Fred Karger is running a real presidential campaign and attracting followers. He is crisscrossing the cornfields of Iowa and shaking hands in the small villages of New Hampshire. Yet, his much-needed voice is being stifled by the Republican establishment and cable network honchos that will not let him debate. The argument has been that only viable candidates have access to the big stage, to avoid overcrowding. After all, if everyone who wanted to declare themselves a candidate was given the podium, it would become chaotic and drown out real presidential prospects.

However, this argument falls flat when one looks at the polling. In a new Harris Interactive Poll, 2-percent of voters said they intended to vote for Karger, which ties Newt Gingrich and outpaces Rick Santorum. So, why not give Karger a chance to debate?  The far-right voices of Gingrich, Pawlenty and Santorum are redundant. It would be more of a real debate if a fresh voice, such as Karger, were allowed to participate and show that the GOP is not one-dimensional.Unfortunately, The Fox — which is hosting the next debate — looks like they will freeze out Karger:

“In spite of meeting all its debate criteria, Fox News still refuses to allow me a place on the stage in Ames, Iowa this Thursday evening,” said Karger in a statement. “By not including me, even though I have qualified for the debate, Fox News appears to be in violation of Federal Election Commission rules governing all Presidential Debates.  Fox released its debate criteria two weeks ago, which I clearly have met.”

The Fox will make their final decision by 4PM CST today. All I can say is, what is the GOP establishment so afraid of?

Let Fred debate, already!

Sign Fred’s petition demanding that The Fox let him debate.