No, folks, you’re not reading an Onion article: in a press release today, the folks at GOProud announced the appointment of polemicist Ann Coulter to the post of “Honorary Chair and Gay Icon” of that organization’s Advisory Council. Coulter joins other wingnuts notable conservatives including Andrew Breitbart and Grover Norquist on the council.

Apparently, as far as the self-loathing conservative gays at GOProud are concerned, being on the wrong side of every major LGBT rights issue (opposing the repeal of DADT and DOMA and the passage of ENDA and hate crimes laws, endorsing “reparative therapy,” etc.) presents absolutely no impediment to a person being arbitrarily declared a “gay icon.”

For a refresher course on Ann Coulter’s long history of homophobia, check out this list compiled by Media Matters.

Ann Coulter, gay icon? Who’s next, Anita Bryant? If anyone out there still believes that GOProud serves any function other than being a shill for the extreme anti-gay right wing, today’s insanity should put those misguided views to rest. Perhaps it’s time to break out the straitjackets for Barron & Company.