So you heard that the gay wingnut group GOProud, which really doesn’t do jack in terms of advocating for things which will help the LGBT community, has been disinvited from the next CPAC.  Last year’s slapfight involved hate groups like the American Family Association throwing temper tantrums, gathering up their pitchforks and going home, due to the presence of the gays.

Now pretend journalist Andrew Breitbart, who is on the GOProud board, has melodramatically decided to take his hidden cameras and video doctoring equipment and stay home from the next CPAC.  So has another wingnut called Roger Simon.

This is all very important stuff!!

Breitbart, a prominent conservative blogger and member of GOProud’s advisory council, has announced he won’t attend CPAC if the group is excluded, and another right-wing commentator, Roger L. Simon, has joined him. Meanwhile, GOProud leaders met with ACU chairman Al Cardenas Wednesday, the day after antigay comments by Cardenas’s wife, Diana, were publicized on a Miami Herald blog.

Herald blogger Steve Rothaus quoted statements Diana Cardenas made on her Facebook page, including her assertion that homosexuality is “not nature’s way” and is comparable to a disability or an illness. She also said, “I always wondered why homosexuals are referred to as ‘gay,’ kind of an oxymoron? Nothing really ‘gay’ about them or their movement.”

Oh, Diana Cardenas…who are you, again?

In related news, American Family Association spokestroll Bryan Fischer commented on the situation on his radio show.  Here are the words Bryan hath pooped:

“Homosexuality is not a conservative value.” GOProud – their agenda is to put open homosexuals in the military and promote gay marriage. So they are as relentless and as far left as you can get on the issues of human sexuality. And we said look if CPAC is going to treat that as a conservative position we’re not going to be a part of this thing.”

Well, DADT repeal has been certified already, Bryan, so that’s not really their “agenda.” And honestly, they’re not really strong advocates for marriage equality. You just don’t like them because they’re gay and that makes you feel uncomfortable, for some weird reason.

Bryan also said something stupid about the ban on gay men donating blood, a policy which medical experts recognize as outdated and unnecessary.  But Bryan’s not a smart or an honest man, so he’ll keep barking up that tree until the policy is gone, and for a little while after.

Lastly, Tintin at Sadly, No! has a brief little smackdown of some wingnut from Red State called “Neil Stevens,” who is really glad GOProud won’t be at CPAC because he just wants one happy place where he doesn’t have to be scared by gays.  Or something like that.