The Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson reports that GOProud, “a gay Republican group….has been barred from full participation at CPAC, an upcoming prominent national conservative convention.” (I sure bet they will miss the cruising at the event)

Well, at least they are not alone, the nutty and dangerous right wing group, the John Birch Society, was also dumped — which highlights what little regard the modern conservative movement has for the jesters at GOProud. (Given this decision, maybe they should rename themselves GOPout). A GOPout board member weighed in on the fiasco:

“For the last two years, GOProud has sought to support CPAC and keep the conservative movement united. Unfortunately, elements inside and outside of ACU have pushed their own narrow, divisive and sometimes personal agenda. They have done so at the expense of the conservative movement. GOProud has been and will continue to be an outspoken proponent of conservative values and conservative policy. This organization will continue to work to bring conservatives of all stripes together to save this country and defeat the left. Obviously, that work will no longer be done at CPAC, but it will be done.”

Defeat the left? You mean the good people keeping the entire country from treating LGBT Americans the way CPAC treats GOProud? God only knows what would happen to our families if GOProud ever accomplished its stated goals.

This group has always been as ridiculous as a clown raffle — and their current statement is just as absurd. In vain, they search to “bring conservatives of all stripes together” — which is useless when you are dealing with predatory leopards unwilling to change their anti-gay spots.

I truly wish we had a legitimate two-party system in America. I desperately want to find a silver lining and a legitimate reason to support Republicans. Without a normal two-party system, the LGBT movement has to keep placing all of its eggs in one basket — which gives us virtually no political leverage. We are only succeeding in this climate due to the moral high ground, which occasionally does move conservatives, as we recently saw in the New York marriage vote.

Unfortunately, the increasing insanity of the modern GOP gives one little hope. Anti-gay zealots continue to use the party as a platform. This weekend, for instance, Texas Gov. Rick Perry will hold a stadium prayer rally in Houston that can only be described as “Loonypalooza.” Virtually all of the GOP presidential candidates are kissing up to the extreme right and seem terrified by intransigent, tantrum-throwing Teabaggers that came within in a hair of crashing the world economy this week.

GOProud, it is time to stop the charade and become Democrats. Or, use the deep pockets of a few of your key donors to help start a new center-right political party that accepts LGBT people as actual human beings and believes in the reality-based community. To continue to allow yourselves to get used, humiliated and sacked by the teabaggers, is just embarrassing and does nothing to advance or further our movement.