Purported “ex-gay” Stephen Bennett went on Joy Behar’s show with his wife Irene to talk about being “ex-gay.” Wouldn’t you know it? He rattled off a story that included bulimia, drug abuse, promiscuity, molestation and everything else in the book, including the lack of a father figure! It’s the “ex-gay” Greatest Hits, so named because, as we all know, no person who falls victim to the “ex-gay” ideology ever comes from a place of belonging, self confidence or success. It only “works” when they can victimize someone who is already weak, by convincing them to blame everything bad in their lives on their sexuality.

The last three minutes of this video are some of the most insane television I have ever seen, as Stephen throws his jazz hands around and raises his voice to emphasize how hot he thinks his wife is, as she is absolutely losing it talking about transgender people.  It’s almost as if Saturday Night Live decided to parody an “ex-gay” ministry.

Pray away the jazz hands, dude.

Click here to listen to/download the song Jill Sobule wrote after talking several times with Stephen.