Yesterday, we posted video of the latest “glitter attack,” as a “horde of gay barbarians” went to Marcus Bachmann’s wingnut clinic and, you know, threw glitter everywhere.  This tactic, which is actually just sort of cute, is used to push back against anti-gay wingnuts.  No one who is not homophobic, to date, has been glittered.

Oh, but Chris Barron of GOProud does not like this glittering behavior!  Not one bit!

Chris Barron, leader of the gay tea party-leaning group GOProud, is not amused by the string of glitter attacks LGBT activists have been carrying out over the past few months.


“No rational person can look at that behavior and think that this is actually good for average gay people,” Barron told the DailyCaller’s Matt Lewis. “All it does is reinforce the worst, most negative, nasty stereotypes about gay people.”


Barron has publicly praised Herman Cain’s campaign, and has pushed back on claims that the tea party is bigoted. He told Lewis the glitter attacks — which have been carried out on Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann — are a tactic used to cast the tea party as homophobic.

I was not aware that the “worst, most negative, nasty stereotypes about gay people” involved glitter. I guess, for gay wingnuts who value their white male privilege above all else, anything that challenges their chance at passing within conservative circles is taboo.

Noted. Also, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann are homophobes. Their records show this clearly.