This is a really, really fun thing:

Some couples may be married in a chapel made of three-dimensional plywood letters arranged in a circle. Others could find themselves in one composed of interlocking pipes connected with plastic zip ties. Certainly, the couples who marry inside such structures intend to form unions far more permanent than the sites where they will exchange vows.

On July 30, the first Saturday that same-sex marriage will be legal in New York State, two dozen couples will be wed inside two pop-up chapels that will appear for about 10 hours at the Merchants’ Gate entrance to Central Park, near Columbus Circle.

The designs for the two chapels will be selected from entries to a contest that began last week and ends July 21. The winning design will be announced the next day, giving architects only eight days to bring their concepts to fruition.

I’m a big fan of art intersecting with love. They are so similar, the two.  Read the whole piece and there’s more info on the Pop Up Chapel project here.

[h/t Alex Blagg]