From BeliefNet:

Campus Crusade for Christ has decided to make a major change — its name.

In early 2012, reports the Internet website The Blaze, the multi-faceted para-church group will officially drop the name it has held for 60 years, replacing it with a three-letter word — “Cru.”

The reason for the change is that “crusade” has negative connotations. However, isn’t “Cru” pretty close to crusade? And, doesn’t it sound like a gang name — Bloods, Crips, Cru! This heinous organization can change its label and logo, but it still remains one of the most anti-gay outfits around. College students — beware of this slippery bunch that will try to re-CRU-t you. (Yeah I misspelled the word so it would fit my purposes.)
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