Some wingnut blog called Wizbang sees our investigation of Marcus Bachmann’s clinic as much ado about nothing, as the writer obviously has bought into anti-science nonsense about sexuality.  He seems to think you can pray it away:

Hmm… an organization purposed in ‘debunking’ the ex-gay movement gets ABC to report on how scandalous it is that Bachmann’s husband believes that one can turn away from homosexuality through prayer.


The next thing you know, a conservative Christian might just work at a crisis pregnancy center… and be opposed to women slaughtering the offspring in their wombs and horrors, they might just pray these women would change their minds…

Ha, yeah, “crisis pregnancy centers” are also, like reparative therapy clinics, places where Christians give the Ninth Commandment the old one finger salute in service of their conception of a deity. Glad even wingnuts can make the connection, even if for the wrong reasons.

Anyway, Thers has the only appropriate response to such a full blown case of denial about reality:

You can’t pray away the gay, and women have the right to their own bodies. Neener neener, does this bug you? I’m not touching you, does this bug you?

Can’t get mad!