Igor Volsky at Think Progress has put together a handy little list of responses from conservative groups and news sources, reacting to the revelations that Marcus Bachmann’s clinic treats patients with discredited, disproven harmful reparative therapy techniques.  They’re all painting the Bachmanns as victims, of course, because conservative groups tend to traffic in professional victimhood, as it helps them raise ca$h.  Tony Perkins’ reaction is adorably delusional:

– FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL: “Apart from Washington, D.C., and homosexual interest groups, the majority of the country will view Marcus’s work for what it is, a ministry of hope. Pointing men and women who struggle with same-sex attractions to God isn’t ‘a discredited form of therapy,’ it’s the path to sexual healing.” [Tony Perkins, 7/13/2011]

Oh, the poor thing. He actually believes that the “majority” of the country’s reaction to Pray Away the Gay therapy is positive, rather than somewhere between shock and guffawing derision. That’s sad and pathetic, but it’s also evil, as Tony’s “path to sexual healing” ruins lives and destroys families.

NOM’s reaction is predictably whiny:

– NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MARRIAGE: “We’ve been following with concern the organized efforts by gay activists to demonize Michele Bachmann’s husband. Greg Quinlan, President of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays and Executive Director of Equality and Justice For All comes to Mr. Bachmann’s defense — and to the defense of others who are not given a voice.” [NOM Blog, 7/13/2011]

Greg Quinlan is a known liar. While this does not, obviously, disqualify him from being quoted adoringly by groups like NOM, as Religious Right spokespeople often are more than willing to lie, as they believe they are serving their deity by doing so, out here in the real world it’s sort of a stain on his character. He also trips himself up regularly by suggesting that “ex-gay” is a hated sexual minority, deserving of special protected status under nondiscrimination statutes, which seems to fly in the face of the Pray Away The Gay world’s contention that people like Greg are now, ahem, heterosexual.

If any grown-ups decide to complain about the Bachmann story, I’ll let you know, but for now, go read the rest of Igor’s round-up.