Posting has been a bit light this week, as I’ve been sick and not getting as much done as I wish I could.  Cross your fingers and send me a shot of cortisone or something to knock out all the congestion, and I should be back to normal by Monday.  I did get a chance though, earlier this week, to see one of my new favorite bands live.  I’ve posted The Civil Wars here — indeed, like two months ago — but I’m doing it again, because wow, what a show.  If you like old country or Americana or bluegrass or anything like that, you’re in for a treat.  So I’m going to pick a few of their songs and introduce you all to this band you might not have heard of.  They’ve been opening for Adele this year, as well as their solo tour, so if you haven’t heard them yet, you will soon. The first one, “Poison and Wine,” is among my favorite songs of the last year.

Here’s your heartbreaking old country…

Oh yeah, and they’re also known to blow into a Michael Jackson cover every now and then.

Enjoy your weekend!