This is just epic, and I love that it comes from the man who holds the title of Most Disingenuous Bigot in Wingnuttia, Dr. Michael Brown.  We don’t cover him very often, but he wrote a 700-page tome earlier this year on how much he hates gay people, but really just wants to be friends.  He’s also, like Porno Pete and Bam Bam Barber, one of those anti-gay activists who can’t seem to write or talk about gay people without throwing around juvenile slurs and “jokes,” which are only funny to bigots who are uncomfortable in their own skin.  The following video is a great example of that.  It’s intended to be funny, and it is, but not for the reasons Michael Brown probably thinks.  In it, we see a teacher reading a book about gay parenting to her class, and one little kid starts having some sort of day hallucination about how weird/bad it would be to have gay parents.  Aside from the part where one of the dads burns dinner [are gay guys known for being bad cooks?  Better notify the James Beard Foundation…], it mostly consists of a child being instructed to have a Michael Brown-esque bigoted reaction to being in the same room with two people of the same gender.  Again, it’s a pretty funny video, but most of the people watching will be laughing out of pity for whoever made the video.

[h/t Queerty]

It’s also funny because all credible studies show that the kids of two gay parents do just as well as the kids of two straight parents, on average. The only significant area where we do better is that we don’t raise prissy little bigots like Michael Brown, whereas there is obviously a risk of that among heteros.