Peter tends to be confused, so that’s not news, but it’s fun to occasionally gander in his general direction and marvel at how a human being can be so consistently incorrect about everything at all times. No stopped clocks here, as the hands were ripped off at a leathersex convention in the late 1990’s [allegedly]:

A pro-family activist is outraged that the Obama Justice Department has cancelled the deportation of a homosexual who is in the U.S. illegally.

The New York Times reports that federal officials recently cancelled deportation proceedings of an illegal immigrant from Venezuela who is involved in a homosexual relationship. The ruling comes in the wake of Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement that the administration views the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional and will not defend it in court.

Right, because the guy is married, to a man, under Connecticut law, and they’re trying to treat him like they would treat any other person. Equality! It really hurts Peter’s fee fees:

Peter LaBarbera, founder and president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), decides this case is all about pandering.

“The law is clear. This man would not be eligible to stay in the United States,” he contends. “President Obama is pandering to his radical homosexual base for the 2012 election. What they’re saying is because you practice sodomy, you get to jump to the head of the line in immigration.”

No, not the head of the line, ding dong. He just gets to stand in the same line other people involved in bi-national marriages do. Equality! It really ruffles Pete’s tailfeathers.

LaBarbera warns that the ruling could have serious implications down the road.

“Are we going to let in anybody from a foreign country where there is a sodomy law or where they don’t allow homosexual marriage?” he wonders. “Are we going to be letting in all these homosexual activists from countries around the world that don’t have liberal attitudes on homosexuality?”

Y’know, gays will probably abuse the privilege at about the same rate straight people do. But yes, Peter, this means all the Iranian gays are coming here. Tomorrow. They’ll be living in the Western Chicago suburbs.

Equality! It really scares the bejesus out of Peter. Boo!