The Religious Right likes to pretend that they’re trying to protect societal institutions, to preserve the natural order, to look out for the best needs of children, and so on.  They continually assert that they don’t want to hurt gay people, per se, and they like to pretend that they respect our freedoms to live our lives as we choose.  They just want to protect the institution of marriage, for instance.  They’re lying, of course, because they’re liars, but it’s nice to see one of America’s queen bigots, Linda Harvey of Mission America, lay her hateful agenda out for all to see, without euphemisms.  Linda is basically a snake, so it’s no surprise that she’s willing to hiss out words like this.  On the radio today, she said this:

Our President has launched a broad scale attack on traditional values. If homosexuals and transgenders are allowed to live and love as they see fit, we would have a whole societal mess on our hands, which is already starting to happen in some areas. We’re already seeing the denial of liberty, intimidation tactics, and flat out dirty tricks in the effort to silence concerned citizens, especially Christians. And I’m sure many of you are as dismayed as I am over our hyper-sexualized culture, well homosexual activism only puts that trend on steroids.

It’s not a rights issue, its cultural revolution, where homosexuality is declared acceptable, the harm and detriments disguised, and no other views are allowed. And that’s not human rights, friends, it’s anti-family tyranny. We need someone else as President, don’t you think? Someone who loves and honors God, His design, and truth itself.

If we are allowed — ALLOWED — to live and love as WE SEE FIT.

Linda Harvey is not a cultured woman.  She’s not an intelligent woman.  But she thinks that, due to her pigheaded, stunted obeisance to a disproven worldview that is purportedly attached to a book she couldn’t truly understand if her life depended on it, she has the right to decide how a portion of the society — a portion, I might add, that has no desire to meet her in whatever suburban Wal-Mart infested trans fat zone where she dwells — lives our lives.

Sorry, Linda.  You’re not a greater citizen than we are.  The laws are finally being changed to reflect that.  You’re free to live out your life screaming at the homosexuals in your head, but otherwise, you’d best learn to deal with reality.

Appreciate the honesty, though.  That’s rare when dealing with fundamentalists!