This is a great long-ish segment from the new Countdown with Keith Olbermann, where he and Dan Savage talk about everything from The Book of Mormon [which I really want to see now] to religion to the way that gays and lesbians have moved into a new phase of demanding full acceptance and equality in society.  I think this is a generational thing, as many older activists have noted that the younger generations simply aren’t asking for equality anymore — they are taking it as a given that it’s deserved, and demanding it.  I really love the section that starts around 8:30, when Dan talks about being on a show with a “raving, anti-gay bigot,” who purportedly views Dan and by extension, all of us, as this huge threat to the family, to society, to the world, to the universe, etc.  Of course, the guy ended up chit-chatting with Dan in the green room and comparing notes about parenting toddlers.  It’s a great anecdote that goes a long way to explain how so many of the people who fight against us don’t even believe the stuff they say — it’s all about politics, money and controlling people.  This is also why we’re winning, because we have integrity on our side.

As to the title of the post, Dan invites Tony Perkins, he of the ilk that claims that homosexuality is a choice, to choose it, and to choose him!  Show us all how homosexuality is a choice, Tony, by doing it with a guy!  It’s a great argument, but Tony’s probably the only anti-gay activist cute enough to use that argument on, as the mental images that would come along with saying that to every other male anti-gay bigot I can think of are likely to provoke dry heaves.

Oh, also, thanks to Dan for the shout-out to Truth Wins Out!

[h/t Towleroad]