Jeremy just had a novel idea for Maggie Gallagher, who is on the whine-trail this week about marriage supposedly being destroyed, redefined, being taken over by the government, blah blah blah, etc. For instance, she said this:

“Gay marriage is not an increase in liberty; it is a government takeover of an institution that government did not create and should not redefine.

When the government endorses a lie about human nature, there will be consequences.”

Yeah, whatever, Maggie. We still haven’t seen YOUR traditionally wed husband and you still don’t wear a wedding ring. Which leads to Jeremy’s idea:

If Maggie thinks marriage had been subjected to government takeover, then she and every single married person who agrees with her needs to return the marriage license that he or she obtained from the state.

DAMN RIGHT SHE SHOULD! Maggie, Brian Brown, whatever other Religious Right goons live in marriage equality states: if your marriage has been devalued, redefined, destroyed, taken over by the government, or whatever else, due to the inclusion of gay people in the institution, then return your now worthless marriage license and fend for yourself without the benefits granted to you by the state.

We are waiting with bated breath.  Unless you really don’t believe your own BS and this is just about heterosexual supremacy, patriarchy and extreme butthurtness over the fact that the American people lose more respect for you every single day…