You see, this is why Focus on the Family and their affiliated wingnut devotees are victims at this very moment:  The New York marriage equality law that passed included exemptions for religious organizations in all areas directly pertaining to the practice of their religion.  Therefore, for instance, a church doesn’t have to marry gay couples [they wouldn’t have to anyway, but wingnuts are idiots and you have to spell it out for them].  But fundamentalist Christians, unfortunately, have a really disturbingly wrong sense of the meaning of their “religious freedom.”  They think it means that they should never have to be confronted, in the public sphere, with anything that hurts their fee fees or that scares them.  So here, watch as Bruce Hausknecht and Stuart Shepard of Focus on the Family cry, cry, cry about how their “rights” are being violated. Did you know that a Christian wedding photographer might have to photograph a gay wedding?! It’s true! Fundamentalist Christians not getting a pass to be abhorrent bigots, and simply having to abide by the laws of the places where they live, is surely a sign of Kirk Cameron’s rapture and the End of the World.

Stupid or lying? Lying or stupid? That’s always the question.