Oh, this is must-see teevee right here!  One of my favorite things about being where we are on LGBT equality — with all the momentum moving in our direction and more than half of the country supporting marriage equality — is watching the spokesbigots for the various religious organizations go completely unhinged in public.  This is going to happen more and more, so stock up on popcorn.  I’ll let Joe set it up for you:

ZOMG! In less than five minutes, Catholic League mental case Bill Donohue hits on every viciously anti-gay lie in the religious right’s arsenal. Polygamy, procreation, incest, and even some wild sh*t about prongs and sockets. SRSLY. Huge huge kudos to the show’s host for firing back at every bit of Donahue’s batsh*ttery.

So funny!

My favorite part is when the very Catholic Bill Donohue suggests strengthening laws to keep child molesters away from children. That would require some really expensive architectural renovations in many Catholic churches around the world.