As you might expect, Brian Brown has a butthurt and a sad right now.  The NOM spokesmouth and Connecticut resident has somehow managed to keep his marriage together despite the now-violent climate in Connecticut, where marriage equality has existed for a while now.  But now he can’t even get on the train and go to New York without being tempted by the specter of same-sex married people, all around him, their existence standing as the negation of his life’s “work.”

Or something.  I have no idea what he’s talking about in this clip from last night’s Ed Show.  This idea that, by including gay people in the institution of marriage, the institution itself is destroyed, is beyond stupid, and for him to sit with his sideways seething smirk of schoolyard rage and try to tell Thomas Roberts and Al Sharpton that gay people getting married is a greater threat to the institution than divorce — I mean, dude works for the National Organization for Marriage, after all — is still a little bit unbelievable, even after years of watching him attempt to make words on this issue.

That said, he looks like he’s been taking a spinning class or maybe jazzercise, because he’s trimmed up a little bit!  Or maybe it’s just the camera, or maybe there’s a straitjacket under his sport coat.  Or maybe Friday’s vote took away his appetite.  I dunno.

[h/t Zack Ford @ Think Progress]