I had to pinch myself when I woke up this morning. Was it a dream or had marriage equality really come to New York?

This week, I was in New York City — but at JFK airport on the way back to Vermont when the amazing news came through my phone e-mail. I was so excited that I ended up high-fiving a TSA employee who was ecstatic over the big win. I desperately wanted to leave the airport and take the E train back into town and then transfer to the 1 train and head to Christopher Street to celebrate — but, alas, they announced that it was time to board the plane and I shuffled in.

YES — it was not a dream (just a dream come true) – the victory was real and provides enormous momentum for the LGBT struggle moving forward.

Thanks to all who made this happen — particularly Freedom to Marry founder Evan Wolfson, the visionary who propelled this issue forward when few saw the enormous potential or upside. History will treat him with a special kindness that won’t be shared by the likes of Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown or Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx).  Speaking of Diaz, his post-vote tantrum illustrated the emotional immaturity, spiritual sickness, and intellectual emptiness of our opponents. Diaz is an embarrassment to New York, a disgrace to his district, and an odious stain on the church!

Now…back to the champagne and confetti!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Pride in New York City. Our entire community should take a deep breath over the weekend and simply celebrate. There is much work to do — but now, for a mesmerizing moment, let’s savor this sweet victory. It’s great to be alive and witness such momentous and historic change. It is a great day to be gay in America! Who knew we would come this far when I was in high school and most people were still closeted and few people even dreamed of marriage equality?!!

Finally, let’s place politics aside for a moment. This was a spectacular victory for the love shared by so many incredible LGBT couples who deserve this victory. The bonds shared prior to this win show that no repressive laws can suppress our love. Our hearts are bigger than the law and our relationships stronger than even institutionalized  bigotry.

However, it sure is nice to finally have the law on our side and witness discrimination and repressive barriers fall in front of our eyes. There is so much more we have to do — but the world is changing. Thank you to the Truth Wins Out community for helping us fight the good fight for a better world each day.

All that is left to capture the joyous mood in New York is a simple emoticon.