I say “invasive” bigotry, because what the trolls from Focus on the Family in this video don’t understand is that their constitutional right to hold bigoted, backwoods beliefs will always be sacrosanct.  Heroic soldiers have fought and died for their rights to be as ill-informed and pig ignorant as they possibly can.  Former New York Giant David Tyree is walking evidence of the continued health of that constitutional right.  Whether it’s wise to waste one’s life being bigoted is up for debate.

But no, that’s not what the fey Stuart Shepard and the other lady are complaining about in this video.  It never is.  No, they are worried that their [nonexistent] right to use their bigotry to damage other people’s lives, to take other people’s clearly constitutional rights away, and to victimize the rest of society with their ridiculous beliefs, will be taken away.  David Tyree is actually featured in this video whining that his “religious freedom” will be damaged by people getting married, people whom he has never met and who have no desire to meet him.

Later in the video,  they quote another stalwart defender of bigotry and expert on marriage, the ostensibly celibate Archbishop Timothy Dolan.  Yes, we need to hear about marriage and loving relationships from a man who took a vow of celibacy, who really isn’t supposed to have any experience with that sort of thing.

Oh, and then there’s some boring stuff about how “God created the definition of marriage,” a statement that remains inadmissible in the court of logic until such day that the bigots prove the statement to be valid.

All in a day’s “work” for the intellectual wizards of Focus on the Family.  I hope neither of the people featured in the video have any gay children, for I cannot imagine the damage they have done or will do to those kids.

[h/t Joe]