The True Believers will knock him out for his support for civil unions. Now, before any black-and-white thinking person comes in and tries to tell us that his position is identical to Obama’s, please watch this interview from Morning Joe, where recently announced GOP candidate Jon Huntsman explained that yes, he supports civil unions, but that “redefining marriage would be impossible.”  What a strange choice of words.  But the reason he won’t make it very far is this part:

I think redefining marriage is something that would be impossible and it’s something I would not be in favor of. But I believe, just subordinate to marriage we have not done an adequate job in the area of equality and reciprocal beneficiary rights. I’ve spoken out about that, my support of civil unions, some people like it, some people don’t.

Yeah, that’ll go over well with the Bachmann crowd.  The gay conservative wingnuts probably won’t like him either, because he used the word “equality,” which engenders in them fever dreams of Stalinism or something, because they are weird.

By the way, if you missed Huntsman’s truly bizarre announcement speech, Rumproast provides it with the headline “Jon Huntsman: I Have Only Just Begun to Lose the GOP Presidential Primary.” Heh.