danchoi3 Truth Wins Out and Dan Choi launched a petition on today calling on Hong Kong’s government to drop its support for “ex-gay” quack therapist Hong Kwai-wah. Hong Kong’s Social Welfare Department recently held a workshop for its staff led by Hong Kwai-wah who claims he can “cure” LGBT people by having them take cold showers. The effort to infiltrate Hong Kong’s government and promote anti-gay ideology is spearheaded by Canada-based Exodus Global Alliance and United States-based Exodus International.

“When I came out to my parents, I did so because integrity is the most important character trait we can leave future generations,” wrote Choi in the petition. “Saving face is only possible by telling the truth. Join me and Truth Wins Out in signing this important petition to stop ‘ex-gay’ lies in Asia and beyond.”

“Scandal-prone ‘ex-gay’ programs have become a joke in the West, so these charlatans are exporting their scientifically-bankrupt theories overseas,” said Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. “As they opportunistically look for new global markets to exploit, we will put a cold shower on these fraudulent efforts. There is not a single acre on the map in which these slippery groups can hide from our work to spotlight and expose their quack therapies.”

Send the Social Welfare Department a message now, urging them to end their humiliating and dangerous partnership with Hong Kwai-wah, and to apologize for legitimizing the dangerous and discredited practice of “curing” LGBT people. This petition will also send a message to Exodus Global Alliance and Exodus International telling these noxious groups to stop exporting anti-gay misinformation across the globe.

By signing this petition, we can put a cold shower on ridiculous “ex-gay” lies in Asia and beyond.