Linda Harvey doesn’t like the “It Gets Better” campaign because it correctly identifies people like Linda Harvey as the root cause of the attitudes that create the climate that gives kids permission to bully gay kids, by modeling the adult, religious version of bullying for them.  Quoth the twisted bigot:

“It Gets Better. It’s a video campaign organized by a radical and vicious, vicious, vulgar, profane, anti-Christian, I can’t say enough things along that line about him. Dan Savage. He’s an activist, been around for years. This It Gets Better campaign is a video campaign that a lot of the leftist politicians including our president have jumped on board, so have some celebrities. It’s supposed to encourage kids, that’s great. Encourage kids, say, you know if you’re having trouble, you’re getting bullied, you feel despaired, don’t give up. That would be a worthy goal if they stop there. But no they tag on to it approval of homosexuality and the implication that anybody who objects is just like those bullies out there and they’re leading you or others into suicide. That’s just wrong, it’s evil, it’s dark, this Dan Savage has already come out attacking my friend Peter [LaBarbera].”

Boo hoo.  Linda Harvey will go to her grave fighting for the freedom to bully gay kids, because she is one of “those bullies out there.”