Do you want to know why it is difficult to respect the fundamentalist media? It is because they are a bunch of ignorant sheep that don’t ask questions and allow themselves to get used by avaricious charlatans.

Case in point is Charisma Magazine, which is featuring so-called “ex-lesbian” Janet Boynes on its cover. Have the magazine’s editors done even one bit of investigation to see if Boynes’ therapy/ministry actually work? If they had, they would quickly realize that Boynes has not a single client she can point to as a success story.

Indeed, on the Oprah Winfrey Network show Our America with Lisa Ling, Boynes touted her “ex-gay” ministry. Yet, the one person she put forth to spotlight — a man named Christian — was super-gay and admitted to still being attracted to men.

Boynes ministry is a joke that confuses stereotypes with legitimate science. She thinks putting on a dress (or making Christian take off his and lift weights) makes a person heterosexual. This is both a distortion of homosexuality and a parody of heterosexuality.

The bottom line is that Boynes is about nothing more than peddling her book. If she had real success stories to show — why weren’t they featured on national TV? Maybe, because Boynes is a charlatan and a false for profit prophet? So, Janet, where are your success stories? Where’s the beef?

It is sad that Charisma would stoop to such a gutter level and promote the idea that people can “pray away the gay” by highlighting the work of a fraud who has “helped” no one but herself. I bet Boynes is laughing all the way to the bank.

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