I like this merger, as some of my favorite writers are at FireDogLake, and it goes far to accomplish something that I’ve long thought to be important in the fight for equality — doing more to engage straight, politically engaged readers on a daily basis.  Plus, it seems like it’s going to make things a lot easier for Pam, in general.  Pam and Jane Hamsher made the announcement this morning at NetRoots nation and took to their respective joints to announce it as well.  Pam:

Jane Hamsher and her team asked me whether it would make it possible for me to continue blogging if I didn’t have to worry so much about the back-end matters of the current platform. The opportunity to bring new readership to the Blend (more non-LGBT progressive voices) into the debate on equality is also a big positive for the Blend, so I thank Jane for the chance to expand PHB readership.

And Jane:

Pam’s House Blend has long been one of the most compelling and influential sites in the blogosphere. Founder Pam Spaulding has used the platform not only to speak out herself as a woman of color and a member of the LGBT community, but also to play host to many other fine bloggers who have worked with her to build PHB into a robust activist community.

For any readers not familiar with FDL, allow me to point out the two best things about it: Marcy Wheeler [emptywheel] and TBogg, which is one of the things I read daily, in full, without exception.  Also notable are Blue Texan and Thers, who post on the main site sometimes.

So anyway, seems like a perfect fit to me.  Congrats on the move, Pam!