Look at this.

I really like the seething jealousy he exhibits in the first thirty seconds when he’s complaining that gays are portrayed on television as being funnier and smarter than, by implication, people like him.

Truth wins out, but hurts sometimes, booboo.

The comments about bullied kids being miserable because they are gay are awful, but are also negated by the reality of happy, healthy gay kids. Indeed, happy, healthy gay kids are sort of the negation of everything that comes out of this poor man’s mouth.

Paul Constant at Slog has a message for Christians who complain that guys like this are not a real representation of the faith, and it echoes something Savage says all the time:

I want to see Christians lead the protest against this guy. I want to see all those good-hearted Christians who allegedly stand against intolerance let this man know that he is unacceptable, and that he is misrepresenting their religion. He’s using Jesus to promote intolerance and hate; this sh*t belongs in the past. If you call yourself a Christian and you let f*ckers like Damon Thompson go without saying something, you are part of the problem, because you’re standing with him and his monstrous behavior.

Well, you heard the man. Here is Thompson’s website!  There’s more background on Thompson here.